Fire Permits

Fire Permits Are Required by Law
April 1 – October 31
Other than a campfire, any person lighting an open fire for burning debris or any other purpose must have a valid fire permit. Permits may be obtained from your local fire guardian. Fire permits are free. Usually issued for a specific period of time, they may be cancelled before expiry date if the fire danger makes such action necessary. Permits for the Forest Protection area can be obtained from Alberta Agriculture & Forestry at 403-845-8266. View the Fire Protection Zones map (PDF).

Permit Requirements
Fire permits are required during fire season which starts April 1 and ends October 31. There are however, provisions for fire season to be reduced or extended in duration if the risk or dangers of forest fires exist. Any changes to the normal fire season will be announced in the news media and on the County website.Regulations
A fire permit is a legal document which conditionally authorizes a person to burn wood debris at a time specified on the permit. By obtaining a fire permit you have simply indicated your wish to burn. The responsibility for conducting a safe burn is yours.
Anyone who sets a fire under the authority of a permit must:

  • Keep the permit at the fire
  • Produce and show the permit to an officer upon request
  • Keep the fire under control
  • Extinguish the fire before expiration or upon cancellation of the permit, or obtain a renewal
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